Custom Cabinetry in Warana


Project Managing the supporting Trades for your project can be onerous. We have a team of trusted Electricians, Plumbers, Tilers and other specialists and we can co-ordinate, book and schedule the trades associated with your joinery installation. 


We use and recommend Blum high quality hardware and fitting systems which can be used for a variety of applications to bring functionality to your cabinetry, especially the kitchen. Offering a range of lift systems, hinge systems, pull out systems and assembly devices Blum is sure to offer a solution to suit your needs.

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We offer an extensive range of knobs and handles from various suppliers. With many unique and different styles and finishes we can find a handle to meet your requirements. 


Popular amongst those striving for the minimalist look, SharkNose handles, Pushcatches and Fingerpulls all offer the smooth, contemporary look you may be seeking. Seamless fronts allow for nominal Benchtop overhang and also look terrific teamed with waterfall gables. Our showroom Island showcases this look. 


Man-made surfaces with high Quartz content, reconstituted stone workzones are durable, less porous than natural stone and consistent in colour tone. There are many price ranges and they offer everything from magnificent marble looks through to industrial concretes. Cool to the touch and easy on the eye, there are so many choices available, you are sure to find one that meets your budget and aesthetic desires. 


Economical and durable, most of us are familiar with laminate Benchtops because they seem to last forever. Innovations in technology mean the edge profiles available have increased and there are fantastic new colour releases every year.


The inherent beauty and variety in natural Granite, Quartzite and Basalt offers work-surfaces of great durability and beauty. Benchtops made from natural stone add value to any property, as they present a depth and luminance that’s absent from other surfaces. Regardless of finish, stone creates an immediate impression of elegance and it is considered a definite plus for resale value. 


Solid timber offers warmth, gravitas and solidity. There are several hardwood species available, each presenting different tonal variety, natural grain patterns and light reflection. Country, traditional and contemporary looks can be enhanced using solid timber. 


Practical, durable and our most popular product for joinery fronts. The panels are manufactured by pressing melamine to both sides of moisture resistant board. We cut and edge the board in our workshop. ABS matching the board is heat fixed sealing the raw edge. Surfaces are super easy to clean and very tough – great if you have kids and pets in your home. There are hundreds of colours and many finishes to choose from.


High density Satinboard HMR (Moisture Resistant) is custom cut and finished with 2Pac polyurethane paint finish. 2Pac is available in an unlimited choice of colours and surfaces can be high gloss or satin. Routing the surface allows us to achieve a Hamptons panelled style at a fraction of solid timber prices. 


Premium timbers are often available as a veneer, (a thin ‘shaving’ from around the log), pressed to a substrate. This means a solid timber ‘look’ can be achieved with a smaller outlay than full solid timber might. Combinations of solid timber and timber veneer can be seamless when planned carefully. A clear finish protects the surface from absorbing moisture from the environment. There are also several very natural laminate/ melamine panel products available if your project is going to need a higher level of endurance!


Popular in European design, Aluminium framed doors offer a clean, leaner look to your interior. The construction is a solid aluminium frame with precision mitre joints and a range safety glass options including frosted clear, smoked mirror and matte glass. 


Tambortech Doors are cupboard doors with a difference. They roll up rather than open out. Consider a rolling Tambour door for a wide Appliance Garage. Hide your apartment Laundry. Select an accessible Pantry for people with different mobility issues. Remember your joinery is going to last a long time so plan for the future! Motorised options are available.


Accessorizing your new Kitchen with a stylish Splashback can add a kick of personality to the room. Toughened glass, Aluminium Composite, Tiles and Stainless Steel are all options, each with advantages that may be best suited to your lifestyle and needs. Don’t let your Splashback be an afterthought! It is one of the most visible parts of the room and will pay its way for many years. 


We can integrate lighting into your new joinery, providing task lighting over your work surfaces and mood lighting into your rooms. Hardware is hidden and lights are positioned subtly to provide fantastic advantages. Lighting can go below overheads, into Kicks and display cabinets. It can be rigged to come on automatically when you open the Pantry door or walk into your Ensuite.


Taps have started to take a sculptural role in Kitchens, taking up more designer focus than at any time previously. Sinks are easily taken for granted, as they don’t really ‘wear-out’. New styles are often squarish, low profile or undermounted and some have dispatched the drainer element all together. Talk to us about your life and we’ll interrogate your real requirements. Bathroom Basins and Laundry Tubs have also stepped up so let’s consider all the elements of your planned project. 


Renovating your Kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to replace your tired appliances. There are integrated appliances to consider, modern options which may be more efficient or ergonomic to use than your current models. We will be custom building the joinery to suit the specifications of the models you choose. Need a set of basic appliances? We can supply Builders Packages! Looking at premium brands? Once you have narrowed down your selection ask us to source comparison quotes. Your new Kitchen will be a pleasure to use every day with thoughtful consideration of your future needs.